Creating Voice Memos
We all need to record something now and then, be it a podcast, a tune you’d like to listen to later, or a friend attempting to sing.

One of the best ways to make recordings is the Voice Memos app, available for free on all Apple devices.


The Voice Memos app is terribly simple. You get a title at the top, a search bar, a list of all your recordings and a big red button at the bottom.

Voice Memos home screen, with and without recordings.

Recording Screen

Tapping the button opens a minimised recording screen that can be expanded to fill up the whole screen by swiping up. This screen displays:

Recording screens, minimised and maximised.


Pausing recording and trimming screen.

Pausing the recording adds a trim button at the top right, above the waveform. Tapping this opens a new trim screen where the current recording can be shortened using the timeline controls. Once done you can either replace the previous recording with the trimmed version then resume recording, or complete it using the Done button.

Post trimming screen.


Each recording can be played, trimmed, edited, duplicated, shared or deleted from the app home screen. Deleting it moved it to a recently deleted screen which can then be emptied later on.

Recording share menu.

Recordings can also be organised into folders for easier management. This is done in the Memos screen, where new folders can be created using the folder button at the bottom right.

Recording selection and organisation.


Most current devices offer a recording app by default and Apple’s Voice Memos app gets the job done via a simple but powerful interface full of useful features. That is why it’s the most use voice recording app on all their platforms, and you should give it a try to see if it’ll fit your recording needs.

"You can't find your voice if you don't use it."