Fasting with Zero
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Fasting with Zero

Intermittent fasting, currently one of the world’s most popular health trends, is an eating plan where you switch between eating and fasting on a regular schedule. Unlike most diets, it’s not concerned with what you eat, but rather when you eat.

There are a number of apps and services that can help keep track of your fasting. One of these apps is Zero.


Zero is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store. While it’s free to download and use, it also has a subscription plan that enhances the fasting experience.

Welcome screen.

Launching the app takes you through a 5-step onboarding process that introduces the app, guides you through choosing a fasting plan, setting the timer and creating an account to track your fasting.

Plan for fasting and eating times.

Zero gives you 5 fasting reasons:

  • Manage weight
  • Improve mental clarity
  • Live longer
  • Increased daily energy
  • Following medical advice
  • Gut rest

Select the ones that apply to you. You also have the option of selecting the times you start and stop eating.

Fasting suggestions and summary.

Once you’re done with the previous step you’ll be provided with the fasting type that applies to you, as well as the option to create an account for tracking your fasting sessions. You can also log into your account if you’ve got one already.


Since intermittent fasting tracks when you have your meals, a reliable timer is integral to the whole process. Zero delivers one that does just that in the timer screen.

The total number of people fasting at the current time is displayed at the top, with your current fast displayed under it, which you can tap to change the type of fast you’re doing.

The large circular timer is displayed at the center of the screen, and it has two states:


This displays the time since the last fast, as well as the upcoming fast duration. You can also change the type of fast, set a fasting reminder as well as start a new fast.

Pre-fasting timer.

Ongoing Fast

Once you start a new fast, the timer starts counting either upwards or downwards to your set time. The elapsed time is also shown as a percentage at the top of the time, as well as the fasting start and end times.

Ongoing fast timer.

You can also do the following from this screen:

  • Adjust the fast start time.
  • Update your fasting journal.
  • Share your current fast as an image to Instagram story, message, Facebook or to the default sharing options.
  • End the fast.

You’ll also see the current fasting zone, which is a Zero Plus feature that displays details of the fasting zone when tapped.

Updating the fasting journal and ending the fast.

The end fast screen enables you to:

  • view the total fasting duration, which can be shared as text.
  • share your fast breaker as an image.
  • view your start and end fasting times, with options for adjusting them.
  • record your current mood.
  • delete the fast.
  • save the fast.

Fasting Goals

Zero provides 6 different Time Restricted Fasting (TRF) options:

  • Circadian Rhythm TRF - 13 Hrs
  • 16:8 TRF - 16 Hrs
  • 18:6 TRF - 18 Hrs
  • 20:4 TRF - 20 Hrs
  • 36-Hour Fast - 36 Hrs
  • Custom Fast, which can be between 1-168 Hrs

Fasting goals.

Zero plus subscribers can save multiple custom fasts as presets for easier switching.


The history screen displays all your fasting statistics. The tabs at the top enable you to switch between the statistics and calendar view. Tapping on each day in the calendar view displays the fasting statistics for that day.

Fasting history statistics.

You get the following summary stats at the top of the statistics tab:

  • Total fasts
  • 7-day fast average
  • Longest fast
  • Longest streak
  • Current streak
  • Weight

Detailed fasting statistics graphs.

The statistics section is further divided into the following sections:

  • Recent fasts
  • Total fasting hours
  • Time in Fasting Zones (Zero+)
  • Weight
  • Fasting Hours vs Weight (Zero+)
  • Sleep Hours
  • Fasting Hours vs Sleep (Zero+)
  • Resting Heart Rate (RHR)
  • Fasting Hours vs RHR (Zero+)
  • Recent badges and milestones

Fasting badges & milestones.


The 4th screen contains the learning center. This displays articles, videos and audio tracks about fasting. In addition to the Home tab, there are the Videos, Audio and Articles tabs, which are all limited to Zero+ subscribers. Articles can also be bookmarked for later reading.

Learn screen and single article view.


You access the app’s settings via the settings icon at the top right of the History screen. You can change the following settings:

  • Timer direction.
  • Weight units.
  • Appearance. Can be dark or light depending on the system settings.
  • Notifications. These include:
    • Reminders for weighing in, starting a fast, updating the fasting journal, and new content and app updates.
    • Milestone notifications for reaching your fasting goal, halfway alerts, achieving your fasting goal and your current fasting zone.

Zero settings.

You have the following options under the accounts section:

  • Profile: This enables you to change the name, email, gender and birth date.
  • Data: You can export your data (in CSV format), delete it as well as delete the whole account.
  • Zero Plus: You can upgrade to Zero Plus and restore purchases if you’ve subscribed beforehand.
  • Log Out.

The community section contains links to rate the app, Zero’s social media accounts, and downloads to other related apps.

Zero Plus

While Zero can be used without subscribing, advanced features are available for those who’d like to get more from their fasting practise. These are available under Zero Plus for $69.99 per month after a 7 day trial.

Zero Plus.

The following features are available for Zero Plus subscribers:

  • Coach. The 2nd tab includes the Coach feature, which takes you through a 10 step process of determining the best fast for you depending on age, weight, fasting goals, dietary need and health issues.
  • Fasting Zones. These are Anabolic, Catabolic, Fat Burning, Ketosis and Deep Ketosis. While you can see the current fasting zone you’re in, with Zero Plus you’ll be able to get detailed info on each fasting zone.
  • Saving a custom fast as a Preset.
  • Additional statistics in the History tab. These are:
    • Time in Fasting Zones
    • Fasting Hrs vs Weight
    • Fasting Hrs vs Sleep
    • Fasting Hrs vs Resting Heart Rate (RHR)
  • Exclusive content in Learn tab, which includes videos and audio.
  • Using the Ask Zero feature to submit questions in the Learn tab.


Intermittent fasting has been proved to help in weight loss, increased heart & tissue health, as well as better physical & mental performance. It one of the easiest diet plans to start on, with minimal changes to your usual routine. Check out Zero on their official web site and see if intermittent fasting will work for you.

"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."