How to Use Facebook
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How to Use Facebook

Ah Facebook. The most popular social network on the planet. Billions of daily users. Billions. So, why write a guide on using one of the most popular apps on the planet? 

Well, here’s how I’d suggest you use Facebook:

  • On iPhone, long press the app till it starts shaking. Then tap the minus icon at the top left corner, then Delete App.
  • On Android, long press the app icon till you see a menu. Tap on delete/uninstall app.
  • Finally, go outside and enjoy the sun, or sit back and read a good book.

That’s it. How do you use Facebook? You don’t. It causes more harm than good. So uninstall the app, download your info, delete your account, hell, be a hero and get your friends off Facebook too. Save yourself the stress, and stop using it. Just stop.

"Facebook - wasting people's lives since 2004."