Time Well Spent
The way we spend our time defines who we are.

We spend a lot of time staring at screens. We don’t get this time back. I hope this enrages you.

I spend a decent amount of time doing this. I’m doing it right now, in fact.

I’m not alone.

A lot of people these days spend a lot of time staring at screens. Admit it, you’re one of them. (If you’re reading this, you’re staring at a screen. Gotcha :-)

These screens are supposed to provide tools that bring innovation into our lives, get people connected and save us some time by facilitating simple tasks. But they’re having the exact opposite effect in most cases.

They’re keeping us constantly distracted.

While we’re fortunate to have so many great tools emerging to help people get their act together, there are literally millions of them and they all have dark and bright sides.

We need a filter.

One that enables us to use tools that lets us connect without getting sucked in. And disconnect, without missing something important.

We need to restore choice.

We need to use tools that help us spend our time well, where apps and services compete for net positive contributions to our lives.

Let’s start that conversation now.