Classic Steel Engineering
CSE specialises in tailor made stainless steel fabrication and commercial food & beverage equipment solutions.
Web Design


Classic Steel Engineering Ltd required a new website to establish their presence online, and they contracted me to design it. The main goal of the website was to provide information on the company’s services, products and work processes.


First, I interviewed the founder to get a deeper understanding of the company’s identity. The interview provided useful info such as what they’re doing, how, why, and who is involved as well as their values.

I then looked into how best to portray this to their customers, including designing a number of wireframes to outline the website’s design.

Website Wireframe.


After getting the wireframes approved, I searched for, and provided the client with 3 WordPress themes to choose from. I chose to use WordPress due to it’s versatility and popularity as a content management system.

They chose Sidney with a custom menu design.

Sidney Template.

The theme integrates well with the Elementor page builder, which was especially instrumental in getting the custom menu design exactly the way the client wanted it. The company’s brand colors were maintained, and two new fonts - Montserrat & Cairo - were chosen for the website copy.

After feedback rounds, testing and iterations, I finally delivered the website highlighted below.

Desktop & Mobile Homepage.


About & Products.


The new website was launched successfully and provided CSE with a solid base on which to build their online presence and get found by current & future customers. Their clients also appreciated the easy to read pages as well as the detailed map & contact information available.

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