Container Works Africa
CWA is a proudly African provider committed to class leading quality & service levels.
Web Design


Container Works Africa provides competitively priced containers and accessories and modifications engineered to the highest industry standards. They required a new website that would help them reach a wider audience and provide additional info on their services and processes.


I interviewed the founder to get a deeper understanding of the company’s identity. After gathering all the info from the interview, like what they’re doing, how, why, and who is involved as well as their values, I looked into how best to portray this to their customers.


After feedback rounds, testing and iterations, I finally delivered the website highlighted below.


Services & Strengths.



The new website was launched successfully and it provides the company with a centralised online location for their current and future clients. It communicates in a clear, specific and persuasive manner to their needs, which is especially important for those new in the container fabrication market.

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