Doer App Design
Graphic Design

Doer App Design

With millions of mobile apps being available in today’s smartphones and tablet, a great user experience is paramount for best adoption by smartphone users. This is the major goal behind the Doer app, which is meant to connect service suppliers with prospective clients.

Some of the app’s UI is highlighted below.

Client App Design

  • Welcome Screen

    Welcome Screen

  • New Account Registration

    New Account Registration

  • Payment Details

    Payment Details

  • User Home Screen

    User Home Screen

  • Service History

    Service History

  • Ongoing Service

    Ongoing Service

  • Service Status

    Service Status

  • Service Complete

    Service Complete

  • User Profile

    User Profile

Supplier App Design

  • Supplier Home Screen

    Supplier Home Screen

  • My Services

    My Services

  • Service Overview

    Service Overview

  • Available Services

    Available Services

  • Service Review

    Service Review

  • Service Accepted

    Service Accepted

  • Service Details

    Service Details

  • Service Status

    Service Status

  • Service History

    Service History

Beautiful interfaces, striking simplicity, and easy navigation are 3 of the most prominent traits in a great app. You want people to tell their friends about your app, understand its purpose, have an easy time navigating through it, and ensure it’s something they keep coming back to.

Let’s work together to design an app that’ll engage your clients and give you an edge over your competitors.