Econews Africa
Econews is a Pan-African advocacy organization which works to bridge the local, national, regional & global information gaps on development issues.
Web Design


A new website was required to further the organisation’s goals, one that was modern and worked across all device sizes, with minimal friction on the users. I was tasked with designing it using a prebuilt WordPress theme and customise it to match design files done in Invision.

Invision page design for About page.

The original Envolve theme the site redesign was based on.

I was to completely customise the theme to fit in with the fonts, colors and content of the Econews brand.


After receiving the brief and the design assets required to undertake the project, I created a mindmap of all the pages I was to design. This enabled me to have a higher level view of the entire project, as well as which areas required more focus.


Referencing the provided design files as a guide, I used the built in Elementor page builder to layout and build all the websites pages, ensuring the pages worked well on both mobile and desktop browsers.

Desktop & Mobile Homepage.

What We Do.

Resources & Contact.


The new website was launched at the end of 2021. The client was happy with the new layout since it simplified the site’s navigation and provided all the required information in an easy to understand manner. They also appreciated having the site developed using WordPress since it gave them an easy way to update the site when necessary.

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