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HTA promotes discussions on the use of emerging technologies to address key health challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Web Design


The organisation required support in improving the layout and styling of its newly launched website. Additionally, it needed a private community forum platform for having discussions among members of the organisation. I was tasked with fulfilling these two requirements.


I was briefed on what needed work and created a work schedule to address the issues. This entailed improving the content formatting, increasing text legibility and enhancing media uploading.

I also created a forum platform based on BuddyPress for WordPress for hosting discussions among their members, ensuring that all the necessary features were implemented.


I updated the website’s typography and ensured the formatting was as required by the client. I also created detailed guides on how to uplaod media to the websites and link to external sources such as YouTube. Some of the pages worked on are highlighted below:


What We Do.



Improvements on the website are still ongoing. The organisation is happy with what we’ve accomplished so far, and the community forum is growing as more and more members gradually join its ranks.

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