Ministry of Finance
The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the overall financial management of the State of Somalia Budget and other financial affairs.
Web Development


The Ministry of Finance required a new website to better manage their digital presence. The site was to be developed in Drupal, and I was tasked with converting their approved design files to HTML and CSS code.

Homepage Design.

Blog Design.


After receiving the brief and the design assets required to undertake the project, I created a mindmap of all the pages I was to design. This enabled me to have a higher level view of the entire project, as well as which areas required more focus.


Bootstrap was the framework of choice when designing the website due to its wide versatility and popularity. The static website files were generated by Jekyll, which avoids code repetition due to it templating language support.

Desktop & Mobile Homepage.

Main Info Page Design.

Calendar & Press.

After feedback rounds, testing and iterations, I supplied the final design files to the development team for conversion to Drupal.


The final website was launched successfully, and it fulfilled the initial requirements. The design improved the layout of information about the ministry, notably its various departments, press statements and events.

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