RSIF offers a unique and historic opportunity for African countries to train new doctoral students in high quality PhD programmes.
Web Development


The previous RSIF - PASET website did not adequately portray the organisation’s goals, staff, students and alumni. A new website was therefore commissioned to remedy this.

I was contracted to convert the website design from Invision to HTML & CSS, after which the converted files were handed over to another developer for conversion to WordPress.

Page design files.

Single page design file.


After receiving the brief and the design assets required to undertake the project, I created a mindmap of all the pages I was to design. This enabled me to have a higher level view of the entire project, as well as which areas required more focus.


Bootstrap was the framework of choice when designing the website due to its wide versatility and popularity. The static website files were generated by Jekyll, which avoids code repetition due to it templating language support.

This resulted in the entire website being completed well before the project deadline, which helped in pushing the project forward and in ironing out any issues that arose when the files were getting converted to WordPress.

Homepage, Desktop & Mobile.


Partners & Results.

Once the site was fully converted to WordPress, I worked with the design team to add all the content provided by the client.


The final website was launched to great acclaim from the organisation and its supporters. The design improved the layout of information about RSIF-PASET, its goals and its members, from current students to alumni to the governing body.

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