I’ve specialised in producing simple yet meaningful solutions to a variety of digital tasks, by creating engaging digital experiences that better connect companies with their audience.

What I Do

  • Graphic Design

    Visual communication is my core competency. I offer print and web design solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Visual Identity

    A brand identity is more than its logo. I develop powerful visual identities that follow a clear, overarching idea.

  • WordPress Design

    Using the WordPress CMS, I design well structured websites that provide a great user experience to you & your clients.

  • Front-End Development

    I develop user friendly websites that function & appear online the way your web designer intended it to.

How I Work

  • Briefing

    Every brand & every client is unique. We want our work to reflect who you are. Our first step is always getting to know each other & talking about needs & dreams. We work out your exact requirements & put together a service package that fits your needs best. We also draw up a timeline for your project.

  • Creation, Feedback & Iteration

    Now that everything is in order we get to the creative part. We will send you drafts of our work so you can check if it fits your vision & caters to your needs. Tweaks will be made according to your feedback, until we achieve the final desired solution.

  • Delivery

    In the end we deliver the final product. No matter the medium, we make sure the finished project is up to our quality standards and that you have everything you need.

  • What's Next?

    Good visual communication is an ever evolving process. We would love to stay in touch and work with you on future projects and be part of your design journey. Don’t be a stranger!

When I'm not working, I write about personal tech and listen to audiobooks & podcasts. I'm a minimalist, a nonconformist, a DIYer, and an old soul.