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We specialize in website & mobile app design, collaborating with agencies, consulting for startups, and working alongside talented individuals to create cutting-edge digital products for both business & consumer use.
UI/UX Design

We design exceptional interfaces with intuitive structuring to ensure exemplary user experiences.

UI/UX Tools

Figma, Sketch, Pixelmator & Photoshop

UX Audit

We conduct comprehensive website analyses to identify & assess the key factors impacting their usability.

Audit Tools

GAnalytics, Page Insights & UserReport

Web Design

We translate your vision & design concepts into tangible outcomes through diligent coding implementation.

Design Tools

WordPress, Tailwind, Laravel & Vue.js

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People we've worked with have said some nice things...

Auxilia's invaluable contribution to our company is marked by their unmatched energy, dependability, and exceptional skills. Tasked with streamlining software design for efficient information flow, they consistently excelled and their commendable performance makes a strong recommendation for their capabilities.


Tech Lead, Belva Digital

Working with Auxilia was a breeze. They're professional, responsive and takes great pride in the products they deliver. Their passion for all aspects of design shine through. If you're looking to level up your website and take your brand to the next level, look no further. I recommend them without hesitation.


Project Manager, Creative FCB

Auxilia combines creative flair with technical expertise, demonstrating unwavering dedication to fulfilling client needs and fostering successful collaborations within teams. Their consistent demonstration of care and expert precision assures confidence in the success of any project they undertakes.


Founder, Kihingu Inc

Auxilia played a key role in crafting and executing comprehensive digital strategies, adeptly balancing attention to detail and the broader vision. Their thoughtful and considerate approach, coupled with their ability to excel within a team, consistently delivered fantastic results.


Head of Property Management, Advent Valuers