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Mi Vida apartments have been meticulously designed by international architects for comfort and easy living, and for that step up to ownership of your first home.

Mi Vida needed a new app to streamline property listings, enhance communication between agents and clients, and facilitate seamless transactions.


We were assigned to craft a user-friendly mobile app, prioritizing engagement and seamless navigation while enhancing user experience.


We focused on creating an appealing interface that was easy to navigate and visually engaging, while also optimising user experience through thoughtful consideration of user needs, behavior, and feedback.

This involved conducting research, designing wireframes and prototypes, testing usability, and iteratively refining the design to ensure seamless interaction and maximum satisfaction for both agents and clients throughout their real estate journey.

User Onboarding

We focused on a seamless onboarding and login experience. The app efficiently guides users through registration, ensuring clarity and ease. Overall, our goal was to provide an intuitive, quick experience that left users eager to explore the app’s features.

Onboarding & Sign In

Property Listings

The property listings screens offer users a smooth, intuitive browsing experience. With attractive thumbnail images and brief property details, users can easily find listings that meet their needs. Clear call-to-action buttons prompt user engagement, facilitating brochure viewing, agent contact, and viewing scheduling.

Property Listings


Upon login, residents receive a personalized welcome message, fostering a sense of belonging. They can receive important announcements & notifications, submit maintenance requests and manage bill payments from the dashboard.

Amenities booking lets residents conveniently reserve shared spaces, enhancing the living experience through improved communication, organisation, and community engagement.

Resident Dashboard

Buyers & Channel Partners

The buyer dashboard is a personalized tool for property seekers. Upon login, buyers see a tailored interface based on their preferences & purchasing history. With its intuitive design and robust features, it streamlines the purchasing process, enabling informed decisions.

The partner dashboard simplifies referral tracking, ensuring transparency and maximizing earnings. It also strengthens relationships between them and Mi Vida through its user-friendly interface and robust features.

Buyer Dashboard & Channel Partner

Account Settings

The account settings page provides users with a convenient and customizable section to manage their account preferences and information. Users can easily update their profile details such as name, email address, and contact information.

They can also manage their notification preferences, choosing to receive alerts for new messages, activity updates, or promotions. The page offers options to update password and security settings, ensuring the safety and integrity of user accounts.

Account Settings


Our solution stands as a cutting-edge mobile application, seamlessly integrating real-time chat for agent-client communication, fortified payment processing for transactions, and immersive property listings.

It’s a powerhouse tool catering to every need of buyers, tenants, and agents alike, elevating the real estate experience to unprecedented levels of convenience and satisfaction.

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