RSIF - PASET offers a unique and historic opportunity for African countries to train new doctoral students in high quality PhD programmes.

RSIF-PASET embarked on a crucial endeavor to revamp its online presence through a website redesign.


We were contracted to convert the website designs into a bespoke WordPress theme.


RSIF - PASET enlisted the expertise of a third-party design company to conceptualize and craft the new website’s design. Subsequently, we were entrusted with the pivotal responsibility of translating these designs into a functional WordPress website.

Upon receiving the finalised designs, we meticulously analysed each component to develop a strategic implementation plan. This involved breaking down the designs into manageable sections and establishing a systematic approach to coding, ensuring adherence to best practices and industry standards.

Homepage, Desktop & Mobile.

Throughout the development phase, close communication channels were maintained with the design agency to address any ambiguities or discrepancies promptly. Regular checkpoints and progress updates were established to ensure alignment with the envisioned outcome and mitigate potential deviations.

Partners & Results.


The culmination of this collaborative endeavor resulted in the successful transformation of design concepts into a fully interactive and functional website. The redesigned platform not only embodies RSIF-PASET’s organisational ethos but also delivers a superior user experience to its stakeholders.

Moving forward, the robust foundation laid by this project positions RSIF-PASET for sustained growth and continued digital innovation.

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