Belva Digital
Belva Digital is a leading marketing-technology (martech) company that provides transformative & effective solutions for businesses across Africa.

Following the agency's rebranding, a new website was needed to align with their updated brand identity.


Revamping their website to convey the new brand and services while boosting user engagement & conversions.


We embarked on a comprehensive redesign project following the rebranding initiative. The team meticulously crafted a visually captivating and user-friendly website, integrating the new brand identity seamlessly throughout the design.

Utilizing intuitive navigation & engaging design elements, the website effectively communicated the agency’s services & values, capturing the attention of visitors & encouraging exploration.


Case Study & Insight.


The revamped website not only successfully conveyed the agency’s refreshed brand identity but also led to tangible improvements in user engagement & conversion rates. Within the first month of launch, traffic to the website increased by 30%, with a notable uptick in the time users spent on the site.

Additionally, conversion rates saw a significant boost, resulting in a 20% increase in client inquiries and project bookings. Overall, the new website played a pivotal role in solidifying the agency’s rebranding efforts & driving business growth.

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